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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Vicki from Accrington, Lancashire. I run my own online shop where I sell everything from Handmade Jewellery to Handmade Crafts eg. Fabric Door Name Plaques, Fabric and Felt Bunting, Personalised Aprons, Bags and items for the Home.

I went to college straight from school studying Art and then went onto do a HND in Textile Design, during this I was also working part time with the company my father works for. I ended up going full time once I had finished my HND and stayed there for 13 years. There were some benefits to the job, mainly that I found my husband there. We have been together for nearly 12 years now and nine months ago we had our baby boy called Noah.

Working full time took over my dream and before I knew it almost a decade had past. So in 2008 I returned to University part time (nights) to complete a BA(hons) in Contemporary Textiles. I spent my spare time getting creative with beads, findings and fabrics. Creating a wide variety of Crafts. I like to make items that are truly unique by personalising many of them. I set up my website and sell my products at local craft fairs and charity events.

Having a babylife upside down and so recently I applied for voluntary redundancy with work so I could spend more time on my business and most importantly more time with my Son.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and pop by my website.

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