Cadbury Gifts Direct: Father’s Day art contest winner

After a few weeks of great entries, I’ve chosen a winner for Cadbury Gift Direct’s Father’s Day art contest for kids.

The task was simple and fun: to encourage parents to get their kids creative by drawing or painting a picture of their dad as a superhero. In the end we received a lot of great entries which you can see on the Cadbury Father’s Day page, but there could only be one winner.

It was a tough decision but I have chosen ‘Super Ed by Milo – aged 6’ to be the winner. Here’s Milo’s picture:

Super Ed - by Milo
Super Ed – by Milo

We all love a superhero, and Super Ed would be sure to see off all the villains with his bright and colourful cape. I’m a huge fan of vibrant colours and Milo has used them with great effect to create this fantastic piece of art. I love the attention to detail with the neatly coloured in lines and great big smile.

Thanks to all parents and their children for submitting such wonderful entries to the contest, and we hope you all have a great time this Father’s Day.

Congratulations Milo!

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