Have I got the ‘Eggs Factor’?

I was recently contacted by Cadbury Gifts Direct asking whether I would be interested in some free creme eggs. Bit of a silly question really, who’s going to turn down free creme eggs?

They wanted me to take part in a competition they’re running called the Eggs Factor using the free eggs to create a fitting tribute to the gorgeously gooey treat.

My little boy Noah now aged 2 and a half is well into the terrible two’s. Although he is a little cutie, most of the time he is also a little monkey, so my business time is being eaten up. I’m continually brushing up loose Thomas the tank engine trains and pieces of track whilst he runs around the house with my phone on the Talking Tom App.

With limited time I decided to utilise some of my existing designs to create my masterpiece. I took one of my Easter baskets and gave it a splash of spring, adding some colourful felt flowers and a cute felt chicken. I then covered some sticks with Green ribbon and added some felt flowers, before then topping it with the Creme Egg.

I was hoping to set the scene, creating a beautiful backdrop for my design but time was running out, so instead I took the opportunity to test out my very own green screen, allowing me to add any backdrop onto the final image.

Cadbury Gifts Direct loved it so much that I’m now one of the finalists.

Crafter Vicki has put together a wonderful Easter basket topped with flowers that have sprouted Creme Eggs. The chick on the front is a great touch, while the floral decorations really capture the beginning of spring. Now, can you imagine a world where all flowers sprout Creme Eggs? For some chocolate lovers, this is surely heaven.

I must admit there’s some stiff competition from a wide range of people. Check it out The Eggs Factor here

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