Memory Bears

New range now available.

I’ve been working hard, not just on my business, but in general. Family commitments, working part time, attempting to complete a teaching assistant qualification have all made things that more difficult but has also driven me to further push my business.

Being a mum and doing the school run has led me to meet many lovely people I now call friends, and recently one of those friends asked me to make some items with some clothing from her step father who sadly passed away.

I was asked if I could make two teddy bears and a dog. I have made soft toys in the past but nothing that would have so much sentimental value to the owner, so I knew I had to make something extra special!

Once I received the clothing the challenge began, I’d found some lovely designs, the fun started trying to work out how I could fashion all these out of two fleece jackets. After hours of deliberation I made the first cut, I had to be certain as there was no going back.

I had great fun making these teddy bears and as you can see the results were fantastic.

In the end I was also given some old shirts, that I used to make bows and bow ties that really complete this fun trio. They’re off with their new owners now, some lovely family members who will be able to snuggle up to their Grandad once again.

If you would like something like this made, please feel free to contact me. All items are made with love and care and your precious memories help me to create the perfect items.

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