Hello Summer

Hello everyone, How are we all?

Finally this week my blog has reached a milestone, 1000 page views. Its taken some time getting there and to be honest it’s a fair amount as I always forget to keep it up to date. It looks like my last post about loom bands has really generated some interest. Did anyone try the tutorials I linked to?

Well Summertime is officially upon us and I’ve been taking things a little easier. I haven’t had too many orders recently, so I have been enjoying some time off with my little boy. Noah is now 22 months old and a complete monkey who keep’s me on my toe’s all day. This week he has found my crayon rolls and helping himself to the crayons, posting them through the cat flap, pushing them into the fire surround and running round with them in his ears!

The latest additions to my website are these gathered tote bags. They are nice, lightweight bags that are perfect for those late summer evenings and weekends away. Here is a link to the bags on my website.

Silver Swirls Gathered Tote Bag
Silver Swirls Gathered Tote Bag

Currently only available in these 2 fabrics, but like all my products they can be made in a fabric of your choice. These gathered tote bags are lined on the inside and have a magnetic clasp for easy opening/closing.

Floral Gathered Tote Bag
Floral Gathered Tote Bag

The shop I was renting a shelf, in my home town Accrington has closed this week and I am really sad about it as it was a lovely shop, so I am now on the look out for another shop locally to display in. After a short break I am now renting a stall again on the Supermums craft fair website and following my recent successes on Folksy, I have set up a stall on Etsy too. Why not take a look, simply click on the underlined links. All of these websites are full of brilliant and creative crafts people that would really appreciate your support. Don’t forget to take a look through my website too.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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