Loom Band Loopy

I often go loopy, don’t worry I’m not snooker loopy this time, this time I’m Loom Band Loopy.

I don’t think I really need to explain loom bands to anyone as their everywhere at the moment. Children of all ages are getting crafty making varying designs of bracelets for friends. With celebrities getting on board too, I have been informed by a big One Direction fan that even Harry Styles wears one.

It’s amazing what can be made with loom bands, and this week I have been playing about with my loom creating some cute animals.

First off I made these flat design animal charms. There was a Panda one and I adore Panda’s so I had no hesitation in making one.

If you want to make your own you can see the owl tutorial here

I followed this by making some bigger 3D animals that would make great keyrings or simply as little animals to sit on your table.

You can watch the pig charm tutorial here. My sister’s a big pig fan so I think this will look fantastic in her collection.

I also made a blue monkey loom band charm. This was a pretty tricky design but once you have made one of the animals the technique is pretty similar for the other animals.

If you want to follow the Monkey loom band tutorial click here

There are millions of tutorials out there and unlimited possibilities of items that can be made with loom bands. It’s great fun but is also pretty addictive. So why not get crafty and get loom band loopy with me. You can buy loom band kits for a few pounds in most shops, you can also get them on the market cheaper, a great way to keep the children entertained in the car or over the summer holidays.

Special thanks to all the tutorial designers I have linked too for creating some great fun tutorials.

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