Moving Forward

Hi all,

Seems I have been a little lacklustre with updating the blog. As stated in my last post I have some excellent news, I’m now 6 months pregnant. Something I have wanted for a very very very long time. Myself and my husband are overjoyed and cant wait for our little boy to arrive in October.

This means that I will be finishing my full time work for Maternity leave in around 8 weeks time, so I am hoping to have some time to push my business forward before little one arrives. Being pregnant has provided some difficulties with  in that I’m pretty much ready for bed after a full days work. I am managing to keep up with my orders but really struggling to get enough together to keep the website fresh.

I have so many ideas that I’d like to turn into products and I am looking forward to getting my creative mind working. I also want to try and utilise my textile experience by looking into the possibility of screen printing some of my designs. So watch this space!

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